NIA:1st Quarter, 2022, 13.4K Expats Arrested& 8K Repatiated for.

NIA, National immigration authorities dealt with 30.1 million entries and exits during the first quarter, down 5.9 percent from last year, 14.6 million of which were Chinese citizens, according to the National Immigration Administration.

During the same period, 426,000 passports and other exit and entry documents were issued, 1.05 million endorsements made for visits to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and 136,000 foreign stay and residence permits were granted.

Chen Jie, spokesman for the NIA, said that global control of COVID-19 remains grim and complex, and the NIA will continue to implement tight immigration policies and conduct strict examination of immigration documents.

The administration will provide precise and effective service to those going abroad for urgent and necessary needs, such as to study, work, engage in business or other economic and technological activities, help with humanitarian emergencies, help companies resume work and production, and also to ensure the steady flow of international industrial and supply chains, Chen said.

During the first quarter, authorities also investigated 4,414 criminal cases of border management obstruction, arresting 16,700 suspects, and confiscating 565 guns, 10,000 rounds of ammunition, 1.85 metric tons of drugs and 41.47 tons of precursor materials.

Chen said that front-line immigration authorities have maintained the highest level of prevention and control, strengthened patrols and investigations in border regions, closely cooperated with neighboring authorities on law enforcement, and cracked down on illegal entry and exit.

The problem of illegal immigration in China mainly manifests in the form of the illegal entry, residence and employment of foreign nationals. The NIA is committed to protecting the rights and interests of foreign nationals, and to cracking down on crime, he said.

“It is normal for immigration authorities to investigate illegal activities. The crackdown is strictly in line with laws and regulations, treats all people as equals, imposes punishments based on facts without targeting any particular country, group or industry,” he said.

During the first quarter, authorities arrested 13,400 foreign nationals involved in illegal entry, residence and employment, and repatriated 8,000.


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