Latest Update 8th, Feb, 2022: When can international students return to China?

Prasar Bharati: China has recently said that it will facilitate the return of international students from Mongolia, Singapore and Pakistan to resume their classes in China. Can you share any detail as to when China will allow students from India to return to China and what is hindering China from allowing Indian students to return when it is allowing students from other countries?

Zhao Lijian: I can tell you that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the issue of foreign students returning to China for their studies. We are considering in a coordinated manner arrangement for allowing foreign students to return to China for their studies. We stand ready to work actively toward the healthy, safe and orderly cross-border flow of Chineseโ€‚andโ€‚foreignโ€‚personnelโ€‚on the basis of sound anti-epidemic protocols.


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