What is it like to be a Muslim in China?

These are my experiences and exposure to the issue.
. I met a lot of Uyghurs who functions as petty traders and running the usual bbq stalls on the streets. They became quite friendly when they found out I am an overseas Chinese and genuinely interested in their cultures, and even more so given my familiarity with Islam. They express bitterness towards the treatment they receive from the government, but ambivalent in a sense towards the Han population (who form the bulk of their business). They like other Muslims tend to congregate among themselves. Interestingly enough – they drink (a Muslim no no). Their women folk work alongside them, unlike the ones in the Middle East (where I spent a bit of time in Saudi).
. The Huis from Gansu and Qinghai are in my experience more conforming Muslims (they don’t drink), at least the ones I met anyway. They go about their business- and do not seem to exhibit the resentment as the Uyghurs towards the Hans.
. I also met some Muslims in Tianjing who look like Han people and who seems to perfectly assimilated into the mainstream Han society. Only difference I can tell is they do not eat pork – some drink while others abstain.
. I also get the distinct feeling that interracial -inter religion marriage are not that common.
. Han friend of mine from Xinjiang tells me that desite being schooled together with the Uyghurs – closer relationships with them is just not on, simply due to different culture, values and religion of course acting as a divide. I view that as a real pity.
. I understand China has preferential treatments for minority races via educational, birthing (less restrictive regarding the one child policy) and other amenities, and I sense certain resentment from the Hans regarding this, but feels that in reality promotion of minorities in political positions, especially the Muslims – are all but window dressing – with very low glass ceilings for them.
I welcome other more insightful facts to my limited observations.

(Source: Quora, by Banson Chong)

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