Universities Sent Emails to Students to Return to China, News on 9th, July, 2022

1. Universities Sent Emails to Students to Return to China

According to the latest news, the COVID condition in China is getting better now, so different Chinese universities started sending emails to International students to return to China. But universities mentioned some conditions for international students to follow strictly. Universities are asking for the willingness of the students to travel on their own expenditures.


2. Japan’s ex-leader Shinzo Abe dies from gunshot, ‘biggest political incident in post-WWII Japan’

Former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, 67, died hours after being shot by a gunman on July 8 in western Japan’s Nara, where he was making a campaign speech for the parliament’s upper house election to be held on Sunday. Analysts described Abe’s assassination as the biggest political incident in Japanese politics since the end of World War Two.


3. China’s infrastructure investment accelerates amid policy support

In the face of mounting uncertainties in the international landscape and domestic COVID-19 resurgences, China has positioned infrastructure investment as a policy priority to revive the economy while securing sustainable growth.


4. China’s June SME activities pick up as economy recovers

The performance of China’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) showed improvements in June as business operations resumed and supply chain disruptions have been gradually addressed amid a package of pro-growth policies, industry data showed.


5. White tigers at Nantong zoo cool down in river

White tigers at Nantong Forest Safari Park play with water in hot summer day.


6. HEC announced students who want to return to China to register their fresh information

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has announced some latest updates for students studying in Chinese universities who are stranded in Pakistan due to Covid 19.



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