China further eases requirements for China-bound passengers, News 30_06_2022

1. Govt takes steps to save tourism as summer peak season nears

The domestic tourism market is hoping for a robust recovery as authorities release more supportive policies and measures to help the market overcome the current pressures.


2. China further eases requirements for China-bound passengers

Chinese Embassies in Iraq, Argentina, Poland, and Uruguay have adjusted some requirements for applying the Health Code for China-bound passengers.


3. Shanghai to reopen cultural, tourism venues

Shanghai will gradually reopen museums, art galleries and all types of indoor and outdoor A-level tourist attractions across the city from July 1, while cinemas and performance venues will be gradually opened to the public from July 8, the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism said on Wednesday.


4. China to hand over completed new parliament building to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s new parliament building, constructed and fully funded by China as a gift to the southern African country, is now complete and ready for occupation.


5. Not confirmed news: Government is preparing for the entry of Indonesian students recently


6. Taiyuan University, Chongqing Jiaotong University, USTC called their students to come in China

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  1. Waiting for good news for Pakistani students ??

    • it is on going.

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